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Most days have a sunrise and a sunset, but play no significant role in our lives.  There are those few days however, that have such a profound impact on us that we are not likely to ever forget any moment of that day.  These days can be drastically different for each and every one of us, whether it is a wedding day, the birth of a child, or stepping on stage for a fitness competition.  What we need to make sure of, is that we cherish each and every one of these moments.

What causes me to take the time to reflect on these moments, is when I hear so many people talk about these moments as though they happened due to “destiny”.  Personally, I believe that we create each and every opportunity in life that we are presented with.  This got me to thinking about the day I first met my incredible wife.  Now let me say that I am truly a shy person at heart.  When I first saw her and she smiled at me, I realized if I ever wanted to talk to her, I would have to bottle up my shyness and step up to approach her.  If I had waited for destiny to take over, chances are she would have just kept walking right past me and I would not be where I am today.

The same philosophy holds true for all aspects of health and fitness.  You are not likely to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, if you are not committed to eat right and get moving.  Every day I hear people tell me that they are just naturally “fit”.  Trust me, this has nothing to do with destiny and doesn’t necessarily mean that these people actually are healthy.  It is common for someone to feel that just because they are at a certain weight, this means they are healthy.  We need to ensure we eat a balanced diet and stay active, so that we can make sure our bodies are functioning at their optimum levels and able to fight off disease and other health conditions.

To this point, we need to focus less on destiny and think of what we really want in our lives.  Be open to the opportunities we create and take action to achieve these goals.

Andrew Bukowsky 

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