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My journey since last year…

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It has been almost a full year since I have written a blog.
It has been a year of soul searching, healing and self discovery.

Here is a recap of what has been happening. Some not so pretty.

Since last years Nationals and have gone though a lot of ups and downs in life. Lucky none was relationship related. My husband is truly my rock and biggest supporter. I thank God daily to have him in my life.

I honestly don’t even know where to start.

My post show consisted of 3 months binge eating and feeling horrible about myself not knowing why?
I dug deep and discovered it really had nothing to do with prep. That was my escape from some family issues I just set aside but when the show season was finally over it all trickled in and I lost myself about some disappointments that had occurred months earlier. Won’t be airing any of my family drama on line but it was very intense and it really took a huge toll on my personal life.

I just ate. Didn’t want to leave the house to go to work let alone train. Ate a lot on the way to work during work on my way home and every second in between…I swear I gained 1 lbs a day. I did finally open up to my Coach and like a mentor she and I did a lot of soul searching together and slowly I came to terms with my issues and the constant need for food was getting better and better…I would last a few days then a week then a couple…

All in all I gained 30 lbs post show and it hang on for a long time …I ate within my caloric intake, healthy whole foods but my body was not ready to let go of the weight. I started to question myself, got depressed and just not felt myself and after few months I decided to go to the doctor in February for a full physical and blood work. Little did I know I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Learn everything you need to know about your thyroid here

Not the news I wanted to hear considering I was planning to start prep for June’s BC Provincial Championships in hopes to step on the National stage this July.

My doctor told me absolutely NO to cutting, increased my fats, insisted on more and more calories prescribed meds and off I went on an initial 6 week recovery plan. I kept things as doctor prescribed followed the new plan to a T. Mid March did my first follow up blood work with slight improvements in results. Phew was I ever relieved! I continued my journey to thyroid recovery!!! 3 lbs down was not much to brag about but not having seen the scale move in 6 months was worth celebrating for me…

Another follow up in April and then May and my TSH levels looked normal and I was given the go-ahead to slowly bring my body into caloric deficit mid May. Pushed my metabolic capacity pretty high in terms of fats and carbs from February to May 18th without gaining a pound. I was steady 145-147 since January 2014 eating more than my husband some days. I was pretty impressed with myself and my recovery. There was light at the end of the tunnel. Even sitting at my heaviest my body was starting to regulate its self. The swelling from my face started to disappear slowly as my thyroid glands and hormones became more balanced and in line. My curves started to come through and slowly my muscles started to show form underneath the layer of fat.
I stopped all supplements other than a multi-vitamin, fish oil, joint support formula and my PhD sponsorship line up which was approved by my doctor.
My routine:
Greens every morning and before workout with Vegan-pure protein
Fat catalyst before breakfast and lunch and L-Carnitine before training.
Pharma-Pure Vanilla Protein post workout
the rest was filled with yummy whole foods for volume and to feel full. Don’t wanna ever feel hungry to keep my binge eating in check. I must say I have not binged since January. Yes I’ve had re-feeds and a cheat meal here and there but no secret eating of any sort. This is the biggest success so far. I am not punishing my body anymore.

Fast Forward to TODAY

Today is June 23rd and I weight in at 139 lbs. I am currently eating about 1650 calories +/-
Currently I am cycling my macro-nutrients as I can see the fastest results with this program and they work for me.
I am finally well into recovery which seemed impossible to achieve a few months ago. I test my thyroid levels every 6 weeks. I am loosing 1-2 lbs per week steady
I train 4-5 days a week depending on my schedule.
1 Meta-Fit class per week
1-2 active rest days

The best thing I did was to listen to my coach, doctor and a few very close people in my life and not compete this year.
I also have received a pass to next years 2015 BC Championships from BCABBA after submitting all of my documents to the organization last month which has given me some extra motivation to stay on track and bring my best physique yet.

2014-04-19 13.17.00

Me- May 2014 just before starting my cut. I am so happy to have my slimmer face back. The body will follow soon lol.

I have a lot of things to be grateful for. An amazing husband, daughter, mother and two gangster dogs.

My coach and a few very close friends that support me more than I can give back.
We recently purchased a brand new home and are living the life…hehe
2014-03-10 11.31.11
Everyday I wake up in bliss and still can’t believe I live in the home of my dreams with the man of my dreams watching our beautiful daughter grow up. In the end I didn’t let the scale define me. I feel like I have won the battle. I am grateful everyday remembering I am NOT invincible, perfect and better than anyone else. I am me and I have struggles, ups and downs. That is Life my friends. My heart is filled with love and that makes me push harder.
Thank you for reading

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