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Personal training

Seeking a personal trainer in Chilliwack?

Bravus Fitness + Nutrition provides both in person private and online training programs, accommodating individuals not just in Chilliwack but also in the broader region. Achieve your fitness aspirations from the comfort and safety of your home.

We view a personal trainer as a collaborative partner in your fitness journey. Whether your goals involve injury recovery, dramatic body transformations, comprehensive nutritional guidance, or anything else, our trainers bring years of expertise to the table. They possess the essential tools and knowledge to assist you. We’ll start where you are in your health and fitness journey and progress together.

Your initial consultation includes a thorough assessment, lifestyle and nutrition review, and an in-depth discussion about your fitness goals. Recognizing that everyone is unique, we believe in starting with your specific objectives to provide the most effective training and support. We are ready to start whenever you are.

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Ready to live the fit life?

Ready to commit to your better health and fitness? So are we, no matter where you are in your fintess journey. At Bravus, we want to fit your life. We’ll guide you through the brave process of changing your habits to create lasting, lifelong health and fitness.  

Do you have what it takes to be a champion? Contest preparation is the most extreme form of the body re-compositioning process. Contest prep involves strictly measured and highly intense nutrition and training, starting at least 16-20 weeks out from the contest date.  Learn more about Contest Prep here.

We think a personal trainer should act as a partner, here to guide you on your fitness journey. Whether that journey is for injury rehabilitation, extreme transformations, extensive nutrition support and more, our trainers’ decades of experience mean they have the tools and knowledge to help.  Learn more about Personal Training here.