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Welcome to Your Journey to Fitness Excellence – Right Here in the Heart of Langley, BC!

Embark on a transformative fitness experience with our dedicated personal training services, nestled in the vibrant community of Langley Township. Our bespoke fitness solutions are designed to cater to your individual goals, whether you’re stepping into the gym for the first time or are a seasoned athlete looking to enhance your performance. Just as the Township of Langley thrives with its rich history and dynamic present, our personal training programs are a blend of time-tested techniques and cutting-edge fitness trends. From the tranquil pathways of Fort Langley, which inspire our mindfulness and recovery sessions, to the bustling community centers of Walnut Grove, where local energy fuels our high-intensity workouts, we ensure your fitness regimen is as dynamic and robust as the community we serve. Join us and elevate your fitness experience where community, culture, and cutting-edge personal training meet. Your journey to a healthier, stronger, and more vibrant you begins here, in the heart of Langley, BC.

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Ready to live the fit life?

Ready to commit to your better health and fitness? So are we, no matter where you are in your fintess journey. At Bravus, we want to fit your life. We’ll guide you through the brave process of changing your habits to create lasting, lifelong health and fitness.  

Do you have what it takes to be a champion? Contest preparation is the most extreme form of the body re-compositioning process. Contest prep involves strictly measured and highly intense nutrition and training, starting at least 16-20 weeks out from the contest date.  Learn more about Contest Prep here.

We think a personal trainer should act as a partner, here to guide you on your fitness journey. Whether that journey is for injury rehabilitation, extreme transformations, extensive nutrition support and more, our trainers’ decades of experience mean they have the tools and knowledge to help.  Learn more about Personal Training here.
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October 15th - November 25th, 2023


Up to $400 worth of services for only


  • Meal Plan and Nutritional Guide
  • Training Outline At-home or Gym
  • Your Own Fit Coach for Support
  • Accountability Personalized for You!