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Tandem Personal Training -12 Sessions

Who is it suitable for?

Tandem training is a fun way to get results together. As a pair training together, you will receive the same custom service that suits your needs. Each one hour session will be a mix of exercises that will challenge each individual to achieve maximum results. We guarantee a great workout session with a friend or a partner –  at an affordable rate.

People often see our testimonial page and assume we only look after fitness competitors, which is simply not the case. We train clients of all ages, of all fitness levels, and we can always find a package that works for you.

We help some clients completely transform their body, whilst others are focused on restoration after an injury.

Lots of our clients are focused on losing weight, whether that requires a large drop or just a few pounds for a wedding or the summer, whereas others simply want to keep fit and healthy.

Everyone has different goals and ambitions. Our company is set up to tailor to the individual and get the best out of everyone.

Where will we train?

There are two options depending on your requirements.

FIT LAB Unit 3/3A 20092 93A Ave Langley, BC V1M 3A5 (By appointment only)

In-Home Studio Promontory Area (By appointment only)

If privacy is very important to you, and you want to maximize the time you have available to train, both locations are private

Sessions are booked around your schedule, whether that be early morning, late in the evening, or on a lunch break at work. You will maximize your available time, whilst receiving the ultimate personal training service.

Crowded gyms are a thing of the past.

12 – 60 minute sessions

*Must be used within 6 months


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Choose Your Trainer!

In-Home Studio Promontory Area (By appointment only)Our team of personal trainers are experienced working with a wide variety of clientele.

Knowledgeable and here to help you become a better version of yourself — no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you want to achieve!

*session must be prepaid 48 hrs before scheduled time of session.

*Must be used within 6 months



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