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Why Bravus?

We fit your life.
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Grace & Andrew Bukowsky, founders of Bravus Fitness + Nutrition

When we started our first personal training business back in 2012, we called it, “The Fit Life 24/7.” As it turns out, that’s quite the mouthfull! But the spirit of that name still lives on today.

To us, fitness isn’t about quick fixes or fad diets. Fitness should be about creating lasting change. It’s more about living a fit life, and less about having a fit workout. We want to help our clients make small lifestyle changes, day after day, that soon add up to a big difference. Fitness isn’t an act, it’s a habit.

The word Bravus is Latin for Brave. And bravery is exactly what it takes to commit to this process of changing your life. Change can be scary. Change can be uncomfortable, or even painful. But change is also the way to greater things.

Bravus was created so that we can guide more people through the brave process of change. Our passion is to see our clients progress in their journeys. Through Bravus, we’ll be able to reach more people, and change more lives for better health and fitness.

We are delighted to welcome you to Bravus. Let’s take this brave step forward together and reap the rewards change will bring.