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If you’re a first time athlete stepping on stage it is recommended you start about 12 weeks out to learn the basics; if you are seasoned athlete then about six to eight weeks out, although everybody should be practising their respecting posing throughout the year periodically to ensure flow.

If you want to compete in Men’s Physique, Classic Physique, Bikini, Wellness, Figure or any other category  you need to know the basics of competition posing. Each organization and class division has its rules &regulations and it is important that adherence is of most importance in showcasing your physique.

Both Grace and Andrew have extensive experience as previous judges and continue being deeply involved in the fitness industry to ensure their clients are presented on stage at their very best

*Please note weekly group posing sessions are included in your monthly competition coaching fee. Group posing classes are being held once a week

60 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 5×60 Minutes, 5x30Minutes


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